Many web designers specialise in two kinds of platform or at the very most 4. And you need to think about this when getting a web agency to building your website. I mean how do you know which website platform you want and will be the best and most convenient for you? I mean your not a web designer.

The web design platform is also very important for small businesses who will want to be in the back end of their website to upload products or edit images or text. There are some platforms where this would simply not be possible and some where this would be a breeze. So being careful is very important!

The next step in the web design creation industry is checking if the web design agency will provide some training on how to use the backend of the website. Some companies will openly refuse after you have paid but will agree to it in order to close the deal so make sure you bring this up! Our web design in Warrington always provide training on the back end of the website for our customers. Its HPN Media btw.

To give you a quick list of website platform you can look into check them out here:

And much more but those are the big 5


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